Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Planet Shakers in Timisoara

We really feel that Timisoara is coming onto the world map when one of the great music groups of the generation come to do a concert here! It was a wonderful evening! To see the Christian young people dancing and praising God with all their hearts was an incredible experience! Whoever said Romanians were shy and self conscious should have been there on that evening! There were thousands with their hands in the air, worshiping and praising God. The group comes from one of the worlds top churches in Australia and although their songs and message was simple - it had the power of God and the anointing upon each member of the team. The evening was spoken in English and even without an interpreter it was easy to see how the youth know the language! Before the end of every sentence, a great cheer would ring out, in appreciation for the challenge of the Gospel! The interdenominational concert also brought together every church in the city and anything that encourages the building of bridges - is fulfilling the word of God for our Nation!

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