Monday, 15 June 2009

At the wedding of Bebe's step son

On the 16th of May we had the privilege of being invited to a 'Romanian wedding!'. It was the eldest son of our sister in law Vero who is married to Bebe, Sava's brother. It was an incredible experience for us and we really enjoyed making new friends and being together with the extended family. The wedding started at 4pm in an Orthodox Church and from then we went to the hotel for the meal at 6pm. The wedding lasted all night! The groom's father is a big businessman in Timisoara and really gave his son a wonderful send off. The tradition is in Romania, that no wedding presents as such are given until the wedding night. At the end of the wedding the bride and groom bring a fancy box, they stand beside the box while the leaving guests hug & kiss them and give them money which is nicely placed in provided envelopes as their wedding gift. Many couples depend on this money to both pay for the meal and to give them a start off in their married life! I don't think it would work at home, but it's just another difference in culture that I'm discovering!

We eventually left at 4.30 am (without our deserts) to take Bebe and his mother in law home. Unfortunately, Vero has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and has started Chemotherapy and couldn't attend the wedding. She was devastated but just wasn't able to meet with so many people as her immune system is nil. Hopefully, because the cancer is at its beginning stages, the treatment will cure her. She has to go back again for another dose tomorrow, the 16th of June, and your prayers would be appreciated. She is very discouraged.......

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